J fruit Dehydrated Mango
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Dehydrated Products : Lychee / Mango / Mangosteen /Pineapple / Longan
Dehydrated Mango j fruit Dehydrated Process
J fruit Dehydrated Mango

        Mango is rich in vitamins; it boosts your immune system, and maintains healthy eye and skin. In our method of processing we will let you experience our premium grade mango in an all natural taste, with no added sugar.



Barcode Description Packaging Pcs / Carton Carton Cubic Meters 20' Container
(27 Cbm)
Shelf Life
WT. (G) Dimension (Cms) Dimension (Cms)
Width Height Bottom Width Length Height Cartons Pcs. (Mths)
885 8674 71244 4 Dehydrated Mango
170 14.0 27.0 6 18 37.0 50.0 23.0 xx xx xx 12
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