J fruit Dehydrated Cantaloupe
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jfruit Cantaloupe
Dehydrated Products : Durian / Jackfruit / Mango /Coconut / Cantaloupe
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J fruit Dehydrated Cantaloupe J fruit Dehydrated Cantaloupe

       Cantaloupe - "colourful melon" is very popular in asian country and it's known as the honey melon that provides healthy sweet taste. It has a tan rind with netlike ridges and a sweet fragrant, in orange flesh. Cantaloupe is perfectly refreshing, watering, and it is particularly high in potassium, vitamin C, A, beta carotene. It reinforce healthy lungs, prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce stress, that's why our cantaloupe is something you cannot miss.

Barcode Description Packaging Pcs / Carton Carton Cubic Meters 20' Container
(27 Cbm)
Shelf Life
WT. (G) Dimension (Cms) Dimension (Cms)
Width Height Bottom Width Length Height Cartons Pcs. (Mths)
885 8674 71036 5 Dehydrated Cantalope
Low Sugar Added
65 19.0 20.7 3.5 36 37.0 49.0 21.0 0.0381 708 25,488 12
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