J fruit Dehydrated Pineapple
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Dehydrated Products : Lychee / Mango / Mangosteen /Pineapple / Longan
Dehydrated Pineapple j fruit Dehydrated Process
J fruit Dehydrated Pineapple J fruit Dehydrated Pineapple

        Pineapple is the definition of tropical fruit. It is rich in vitamin-C, boosting the immune system. Our method of processing, with no added sugar, will give you the most natural taste of Dehydrated Pineapple.



Barcode Description Packaging Pcs / Carton Carton Cubic Meters 20' Container
(27 Cbm)
Shelf Life
WT. (G) Dimension (Cms) Dimension (Cms)
Width Height Bottom Width Length Height Cartons Pcs. (Mths)
8 858674 710112 Dehydrated Baby Pineapple
65 12.0 18.3 6.8 36 28.5 35.5 19.5 0.0197 1,400 50,400 12
885 8674 71006 8 Dehydrated Baby Pineapple
200 16.0 23.5 8.8 24 27.5 53.5 25.5 0.0375 720 17,280 12
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